About the project

The central idea of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project “…E QUINDI USCIMMO A RIVEDER LE STELLE” aims to fight the lack of scientific-mathematical skills in children between 9 and 12 years, through the approach to the study of astronomy and observation of the sky. The direct observation of celestial phenomena, the collection of data and the related analysis in order to formulate hypotheses to be verified on the field will all be elements that will bring pupils very close to the scientific method and the history of scientific discoveries. Our project involves collaboration and interchange with European schools located at different latitudes, in places of particular geographic and scientific interest, or owning planetariums or astronomical observatories, thus allowing children to observe both the sky and natural and anthropic elements.  


Locandina formazione Erasmus I'm in tales

Evento Formativo progetto Erasmus+ “I’M IN TALES”

Lunedì 18 settembre 2023, dalle ore 15:30 alle ore 19:30 avrà luogo un incontro formativo relativo alla metodologia che è alla base della sperimentazione del Progetto Erasmus “I’M IN TALES” di cui il nostro Istituto è […]

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