Kick off meeting

Teachers of the partner schools met in Italy to share ideas and organize the steps of the project.

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Online meeting

The idea was born to give our children the opportunity to enjoy an exchange experience with students from partner schools.

Logo Contest

Despite the pandemic situation we didn’t give up and we have carried out the project activities. This is our Logo Project.


Students of the classes involved in the project make surveys.

Sky Observation


1)The first observation of the night sky occurred on 15 January 2020. It was not possible to make previous observations on the calendar due to bad weather. The 20 classes of the Italian school met in 2 locations in the area and under the guidance of experts carried out the observation. The emotion was great and the students were excited about the experience.

2)Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, many of the project activities have unfortunately suffered a setback.In order not to extinguish the enthusiasm of the children, the Italian school, leader of the project, has organized some online sky observation initiatives dedicated to the classes involved.

SPAIN 30 JUNE 2021

Sky observation event from SpainStudents and their families along with the teachers met outside the school for stargazing. The night was a bit cloudy so we couldn’t see clearly, but for everyone it was a great experience.


Polar Pointer



Locandina formazione Erasmus I'm in tales

Evento Formativo progetto Erasmus+ “I’M IN TALES”

Lunedì 18 settembre 2023, dalle ore 15:30 alle ore 19:30 avrà luogo un incontro formativo relativo alla metodologia che è alla base della sperimentazione del Progetto Erasmus “I’M IN TALES” di cui il nostro Istituto è […]

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